Curt Ebersole

Curt Ebersole is a resident of White Plains, New York, where he is active as a music educator, conductor and clarinetist. In between musical activities he enjoys photography, cycling, napping on the beach, Wordpress web publishing, Bullet Journaling, and riding America’s fastest and tallest roller coasters.

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Mar 25 2015

My Sydney Adventure, Part 1

I’m about to leave Sydney, New South Wales, after 14 amazing days here. I had hoped to write blog posts throughout this trip, but my host, John Lynch, recently moved to a new apartment, and his Wi-fi was only connected yesterday. I have been journaling, however (the old-fashioned way), and have a detailed personal record …

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Jan 21 2015

WSW concert this Sunday!

I’m conducting again this Sunday — our Winter Concert with the Westchester Symphonic Winds. The program is Sunday, January 25 at 3:00 pm at Tarrytown Music Hall, 13 Main Street, in Tarrytown, NY. This “Warm Sounds of Winter” program features Tom McCauley, guest conductor, and MSgt Bill Owens and SSgt Chris Venditti, from the West …

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Nov 01 2014

Dedication and concert next weekend

Plaque Dedication on November 8 The Golden Knights Music Parents Association has rescheduled the plaque dedication ceremony for next Saturday, November 8, at 4:45 pm. The unusual time was scheduled to coordinate with the return of the NVOT Marching Band from their afternoon performance at Bergenfield. The plaque will be installed in the NVOT Auditorium …

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Oct 09 2014

October 11 dedication postponed

Get your one-liners ready. The bronze plaque dedication ceremony, scheduled for Saturday, has been postponed to a new date, to be announced. Apparently, the forge has cast the bronze plaque four times, and it has cracked each time. Obviously, the Music Parents can’t have a dedication ceremony without a bronze plaque in one piece. So, …

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Sep 30 2014

Roller coasters, concerts, and bronze plaques

Happy New Year! It seems that I have three “New Years” every calendar year. There’s the traditional New Year on January 1, the summer New Year around May 1, and the school New Year around September 1. I’m writing tonight to catch up on some news since the latest New Year. Plaque Dedication If you’re in the area …

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