So I’ve given in to creating my own YouTube page. You can access it here, including all my WSW videos.



    • Joenatan lopez on February 2, 2015 at 12:01 pm
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    I am one of the teachers on the PD on Friday who went up and conducted for you. I just wanted to say, that in the seven years that I have been going to these PD’s, yours what is the most organized and beneficial that I have ever taken. You started the PD a short description of what it is like to be a band teacher and I thought it was perfect. Is it possible for you to post that description on your website? I would love to send a copy to my administration so they can gain a glimpse of my world.

    Thank you


    1. John,
      Thanks for commenting! It was great to meet you and I am very, very happy that you felt the workshop was successful and helpful.
      That description of teaching instrumental music via the eyes of a Phys Ed teacher was, as I described, actually a post on FaceBook, written by a former student. I am glad you liked it, but let me get his permission before I repost it.
      Thanks and best of luck with your ensembles this semester!

      1. Brendon Lucas gave his permission. You can now find his story on the Clinics page (find it from the home page menu). Thanks for suggesting this!

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