Roller Coasters

My license plate is CSTRMN. If you know me, you know that stands for “Coaster Man.” I love roller coasters – everything about roller coasters, including the trains, tracks, manufacturers, and the companies that build them. The higher, faster, and more intense — the better!

If you’re taking a trip locally or long distance to your favorite park, let me know!

My Personal Favorites

Favorite Steelies

  1. Millennium Force, Cedar Point
  2. Nitro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  3. X2, Six Flags Magic Mountain
  4. Steel Force, Dorney Park
  5. Maverick, Cedar Point
  6. Raptor, Cedar Point
  7. Great Bear, Hersheypark
  8. Wicked Twister, Cedar Point
  9. Iron Dragon, Cedar Point
  10. Sky Rush, Hersheypark

Favorite Woodies

  1. El Toro, Six Flags Great Adventure
  2. The Beast, Kings Island
  3. The Comet, Hersheypark
  4. Lightning Racer, Hersheypark
  5. Thunderbolt, Kennywood
  6. Twister, Knoebels
  7. The Voyage, Holiday World
  8. The Phoenix, Knoebels
  9. Cyclone, Coney Island
  10. Wildcat, Hersheypark


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